Hooka Compact Crane

The Hooka compact crane also known as the Hooka Lift & Carry Crawler is a mini crane with huge capabilities. Its super handy size enables the tracked machine to get to jobs with difficult access. Allowing what would usually be difficult work to be completed quickly, easily and safely.

Ground Loading Note: As the Hooka runs on tracks, it's 'point loading' pressure is already very low. However, the ground loading (kg/ m2) can easily be reduced even further by running the machine on top of standard 'trackway' materials to spread the load over a wider area. 

Machine Specifications

Height 2.05M
Width 1.00M
Length 2.15M
Keb Weight (Empty) 1800kg
Lift/Carry Capacity (see spec) 1500kg
Max Gross Weight 3300kg
Machine Footprint 1.45M (Ground contact)
Height Clearance 2.10M
Width Clearance 1.05M
Ground Loading Kerb Weight 1240kg/m sq
With Max Load 2275kg/m sq

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